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Big Shoes: A Young Widowed Mother's Memoir is not just a story of death and loss, it is about prevailing and finding true happiness, not in spite of what happens to us but because of what happens to us.

All profits from the sale of Big Shoes benefit The DON'T WAIT Project®.

Life with Lisa Bradshaw

Life with Lisa Bradshaw is a television talk show focused on everyday people and everyday life, the challenges we face and the joy we experience. Bradshaw's life experiences as a mother, cancer survivor, widow, entrepreneur and author have helped shape her life and create
​a desire to share the stories of others in effort to lend the same support she has also needed at various times. Bradshaw founded The DON'T WAIT Project® when writing her book, Big Shoes: A Young Widowed Mother’s Memoir, after the tragic loss of her husband at age 35. Now, 14 years later and as her grown son leaves for college, Bradshaw is focusing on a different story.

“Hardships are opportunities for crossroads not an impasse in life,” Bradshaw says. “This show isn’t about my story (although I’ve always been willing to lend my own story if it helps someone else feel more capable of telling their own). Instead, it’s about shedding light on the person who is doing the most good or whose philanthropy needs the most awareness. This show is about true storytelling in all its heartache and triumph. And it’s what the DWP and I do best.”

If you would like to be a guest on the show, please TELL US YOUR STORY.

Life with Lisa Bradshaw airs on NCW Life Channel (Charter Cable and LocalTel) and streams live online at www.ncwlife.com. Check local listings for show times.