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Big Shoes: A Young Widowed Mother's Memoir is not just a story of death and loss, it is about prevailing and finding true happiness, not in spite of what happens to us but because of what happens to us.

All profits from the sale of Big Shoes benefit The DON'T WAIT Project®.



The DON’T WAIT Project® (DWP) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation committed to raising community awareness about how positive life choices can impact the health and welfare of individuals, organizations and communities.

About the DWP

The heart of The DON'T WAIT Project® is the desire to make a difference in the lives of its supporters, followers and partners.​ 
With the publication of Lisa Bradshaw's book Big Shoes: A Young Widowed Mother's Memoir, Bradshaw founded and launched the DWP in September 2011. After sharing her own story, the Project has discovered countless stories of people making significant changes, taking more responsibility for their own lives and finding greater satisfaction without the guilt of the excuses holding them back.

​​Since 2011, the DWP has launch two new programs: DON'T WAIT to UnMake a Bully™ and The DON'T WAIT History Project, both involving communities, volunteers, leaders and students throughout the country and the globe.

"I no longer tell my story from a podium on a stage, then sign books at the back of the room," Bradshaw explains. "This is how the Project started, but it was never how I intended it to progress. My intention was always to lend my family's story in a meaningful way with the hope that, in time, other people would choose to do the same. The fact that the DWP has become a vehicle for partnership in storytelling is a dream come true."

Tell Us Your DON’T WAIT® Story

We all have that nagging feeling about the things we need to be doing in our lives. Our fear of failure, bad news, or not living up to our own expectations remains a  wall to finally break through so we can launch our dream business, go to the doctor despite our fear of disturbing news, or sign up for that 10k no matter our physical hurdles.

The DWP is always seeking stories about people facing challenges head on, breaking through the barriers that often get in the way of achieving important life goals or moving forward when we feel stuck. If there is an event or right of passage that is fast approaching, we want to know about it BEFORE it happens, so we can chronicle YOUR STORY, with your permission, on our blog and social media outlets.

We would also like to share YOUR STORY in our feature interviews about people like YOU doing amazing things, no matter the obstacles. Please submit your stories through the following methods or CONTACT US for more information:

Email (info at dontwaitproject dot org)