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Big Shoes: A Young Widowed Mother's Memoir is not just a story of death and loss, it is about prevailing and finding true happiness, not in spite of what happens to us but because of what happens to us.

All profits from the sale of Big Shoes benefit The DON'T WAIT Project®.

to Celebrate Survivorship


So often we get busy dealing with everyday concerns, we forget
to celebrate the little things in life, let alone the monumental occasions that deserve significant celebration. After the success
of The DON’T WAIT History Project Exhibit summer of 2015 (in partnership with DWP Board Advisor Melissa Knott), Lisa Bradshaw produced the DON’T WAIT to Celebrate Survivorship Exhibit in summer 2016, focusing on cancer survivors of all ages and their lives AFTER CANCER. 

​Whether someone has fought and won the battle against cancer,
​is currently in the midst of the struggle or will face it in the future, this exhibit offers hope and insight to us all.


              ​  Say I love you.                         Call an old friend.                     See your doctor.                          Go explore.                               Become an organ donor.      


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