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Big Shoes is not just a story of death and loss, it is about prevailing and finding true happiness, not in spite of what happens to us but because of what happens to us.

All profits from the sale of Big Shoes benefit The DON'T WAIT Project®.


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The DON'T WAIT® History Project is about finding and telling stories significant to our history. It's about spending time with people of age and wisdom who have something valuable to say about the world they lived in decades ago and the world as it is today. 
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to UnMake a Bully


History Project
compilation of inspirational, thought-provoking and entertaining interviews with people who are making things
​happen and living a DON'T WAIT
® life—no matter what. From the stranger on the street with a story to tell to conversations with celebrities who are making a difference. CLICK HERE  to GET INSPIRED!


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Everyday we read and hear DON'T WAIT®

types of stories that have gone viral because people are captivated by the human spirit and feel compelled to share. There really is nothing we can't do. We just have to do it. Here is one of our favorite good stuff gone viral stories.

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The DON'T WAIT® to UnMake a Bully program empowers students throughout the country through positive media. Students write, produce, direct, film and star in a 60-second PSA based on their own bullying experiences. Take a look at this behind the scenes footage.

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The DON'T WAIT Project® is a non-profit corporation committed to raising community awareness about how positive life choices can impact the health and welfare of individuals, organizations and communities.​ The DWP® is constantly striving to bring awareness to various needs, interests and programs both locally and throughout the world. While we work to be a voice for awareness campaigns already in place, such as organ donation and anti bullying, we have also developed a few campaigns and programs of our own. Take a look at our use of interviews, videos and other media to encourage our visitors and supporters to live a DON'T WAIT® kind of life.​ Some are stories from interviews we've conducted, others are links to stories we've found and want to share. Sharing negative media isn't in our job description! We regularly post new stories and are always looking for more. What's your DON'T WAIT® story?
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j.k. livin foundation

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j.k. livin Foundation students DON'T WAIT® to unmake a bully

In effort to continue sharing the DON'T WAIT® to UnMake a Bully program, we set out to gather students outside a classroom setting and asked them to volunteer two afternoons and a Saturday to tell their bullying stories. For this effort, we partnered with Matthew McConaughey's 
livin Foundation, working with students of the Foundation's Animo Inglewood Charter High School in Inglewood, CA. 
"DON'T WAIT® to UnMake a Bully is a great fit for our program because the project really layers on top of the work we're already doing by empowering our students to advocate for wellness in their school and communities," says j.k. livin Foundation Operations Director Tobin Paap.

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